Bytedance - Moscow Workshops ICPC Programming Camp


In Beijing started Bytedance - Moscow Workshops ICPC Programming Camp. In the camp schedulte - six training contests and Bytedance Finals. Teams with high results the Bytedance Finals will receive awards and prizes.

To access archive of electronic versions of the problem statements and solution presentations for all days use Sample ZIP tab in the upsolving contest interface.

The summary results of the camp for both divisions are accessible using Rating pop-up menu in the upper menu; the results of the single contests and CMS entry points for the teams and judges are placed in the left pop-up menus (Day 1, Day2 etc).

Суммарные результаты сборов для обоих дивизионов доступны по ссылке Rating в верхнем выпадающем меню. Результаты отдельных контестов и вход в тестирующую систему для участников и жюри доступны по ссылкам из левого меню (Day 1, Day2 etc).

16.02.2019 (сб) 09:30. The first round of the Bootcamp - SPb SU Selection - is over. The problems are added to the upsolving.

15.01.2019 (вт) 10:00. The trial contest is opened. Teams may check the testing system after receiving logins/passwords.